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70mai Lite2 GPS Dashcam 1080P Camera DVR CCTV Lite 2 Kamera Recorder


70mai yang H.E.C.A jual dijamin 100% ORIGINAL Dan Bergaransi Resmi 1 Tahun !

Dash Cam Lite2:
Video Resolution: 1920*1018P
Display Screen: 2-inch 480*360
Aperture: F2.0
Battery: 500mAh
GPPS Module: Mount installed on dash cam
WDR: Support
Parking Surveillance: Support
App Control: Support
Time-lapse Recording: Not Support

1080P Resolution with LCD Screen:
•The Lite 2 records in 1080P full HD, just enough to clearly capture critical evidence such as license plates and road signs.
• 130° FOV covers events on up to three lanes of traffic.

Superior Night Vision:
•F2.0 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark images.
•WDR image processing technology adjusts exposure balance automatically.
•The Lite 2 records sharp and color-accurate images at night, in the tunnel, or under suboptimal weather.

Emergency Recording & 24H Parking Surveillance:
•With built-in G-sensor, the Lite 2 initiates emergency recording when it detects shakes or collisions, both when you’re driving and after you park your car.
•Emergency videos are automatically saved in the “Event Folder,” so you can easily locate important evidence.

Time-lapse Recording:
•Time-lapse recording compresses 30 minutes of footage into one minute, enabling long-period continuous recording that takes up 1/30 the storage space as in regular recording.

Real-time Positioning and Route Tracking:
Empowered by External GPS Module*
•When connected to the External GPS Module, the Lite 2 receives GPS & GLONASS signals for stable and accurate positioning.
•Access real-time trip data including time, speed and coordinates.

The External GPS Module:
Easy installation: Simply stick the module onto your dashboard, then plug it into the Lite 2.
Optimized signal reception: By installing next to the bottom of the windshield, it minimizes signal interference caused by the defroster film.
Stable positioning: The module receives signals from both GPS & GLONASS satellites, generating stable and accurate driving