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Nakamichi NDS-10B Module Bluetooth DSP App Control Car Amp Amplifier


NAKAMICHI yang H.E.C.A jual 100% Original !

NDS-10B is a lightweight and portable module that supplies Bluetooth connectivity to DSP amps which were designed without Bluetooth features. Super handy in the science of transferring analog signals into digital output, a DSP Bluetooth module gives you the power you need to use App Control which is an app downloadable to your smartphone so that you can control your DSP amp from your smartphone.

Make adjustments to the nitty gritty EQ parametrics on your DSP amp. Fine tune frequency, bandwidth, gain, filter type, gradient, slope, volume and more from the convenience of a smartphone. Tweak and fiddle with the soundscape to your hearts satisfaction. Play music that sounds great to your ears and love the music that you play.

Get the NDS-10B DSP Bluetooth Module today for a truly full-bodied, rock solid, audio concert within the confines of your ride.


– Bluetooth v4.0 version specification with built-in 16Mb flash memory
– Using CSRs latest CVC voice enhancement technology for noise reduction and echo cancellation
– Support multiple audio transmission formats such as SBC, MP3, AAC, APT-X
– Built-in 16-bit stereo codec with digital mode conversion SNR up to 95dB
– Shield is used to reduce interference
RF power level II, high quality audio, long range reception
– RoHS lead-free production process