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Of course, many won’t have that environment and has to go thru the pain of using the QR code to install their apps. After going through all the steps, I generated the code and got an email about the app and the certificate. This won’t deliver us great apps, but can be handy for small companies or something.

To add icons for the menu items, click the edit button for each of them and click the default icon of each item and pick the image for the list item. We are going to create a Windows 8.1 application, click the Start new project button and make sure the Windows 8.1 Best Cloud Security Companies  List of Top 10 Cloud Security Providers tab is selected. Now Microsoft has its own alternative, called App Studio, and I am going to show how to use it to create a mobile application for SitePoint. All you need to build an application using App Studio is a Microsoft Account and you’re ready to go.

windows phone appstudio

Another advantage of this tool is that it work across browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. Since this is “Beta” version, there may be couple of Bugs/Issues in the portal, which will eventually get fixed. Depending on the level of detail to your app, this may take a few minutes or so to complete – this is where all of the code is stitched together in the background to produce your real live app. “Microsoft Updates Windows App Studio with New Themes and Image Wizard. You can now create better Windows Phone apps in a browser”.

Picture Box Scroll and Zoom

“Windows App Studio Adds Support for TouchDevelop, Now it’s only for universal apps too”. This screencast builds on the previous one and investigates how Data Sources work and how to use RSS in an App Studio application. It is not letting me scroll down, make a selection, or even switch to multiple selections mode. The Link button looks on windows looks different from the link button on android. The app is not fit to screen so I’m not able to see both halves of the screen at the same time.

windows phone appstudio

If you created an app in the first version of App Studio, it’s worth going back and getting the source code again; the new release creates much cleaner, higher quality code using the MVVM pattern. What you get for building the Windows part of your app is very basic. So far, it’s just your Windows Phone app, scaled to fit on a larger screen. Unfortunately, you can’t add a separate image to use on the Windows Start screen tile, which makes your app look out of context among the others.

Phone Gap API

Now we will proceed further, by clicking on the Create button at the bottom and we can now see the 4 necessary steps that are required to build the application for Windows phone and Windows Store. Basically this is like a container or a storage where you can fill the details which is static or dynamic and that can be loaded to the application as and then in the different section of the screen. App Studio is a web-based app creation tool that will allow developers to quickly write and publish an app to the Store “in just four easy steps”. Developers will merely have to supply the information and by using prefabricated templates, developers can quickly make a Modern UI app with data collection hosted for them in the clouds.

When you open your project, Visual Studio should automatically load the packages from NuGet that App Studio uses, but this doesn’t always happen. You’ll want to use the Package Manager to make sure you have the latest version or right-click on References in the AppStudio.UI section of your package and choose Manage NuGet Packages. For a universal app, you’ll see three, four or even five projects inside Visual Studio; the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 projects and the shared projects are always there. App Studio is simple enough for someone with very little programming experience and it simplifies things like placing images on backgrounds and tiles. Images still need to be the right aspect ratio, but as long as they’re high-resolution, App Studio resizes them automatically. You do, however, have to save each page as you’re editing.

The message box warning about the compass does not appear. The cloud picture does not appear on any of the devices . It looks like all the buttons in this app are not programmed. I’m unable to scroll in any direction on both phones.

With the continued nose dive by BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 is poised to continue to grow and is estimated to reach 11% marketshare by 2016. Microsoft’ Windows Phone App Studio makes it very easy for you to create your own app on a tiny budget (the developer license is being A Beginner’s Python Tutorial Wikibooks, open books for an open world offered for a limited time for $19 / year). The new version of App Studio makes more powerful apps than the original, but they’re still basic. Opening the code in Visual Studio means you can get started with an app quickly, including adding resources like tiles and icons.

The service worked only for those with a Microsoft account and was provided completely free of charge. With a successful login, we can see the list of templates to choose from which can be used for both Windows Phone and Windows store app development. These templates are for different category so based on the theme you can select the category and customize it accordingly. So far, developers have been using Visual Studio and Expression Blend to create Windows Phone apps. Combined these two tools help developers to create mobile apps with great ease. Additionally Microsoft has been taking some huge steps to improve the User and Developer experience on the Windows Phone Platform.

You can embed RSS feeds, YouTube channels, Facebook and Twitter feeds and HTML pages, or choose one of the templates available. Mobile Phones have become nearly ubiquitous in modern life. With Microsoft’s pairing with Nokia, developing apps for Windows Phone has become all the more attractive. Start/Stop slideshow works on both phones. However, manually swiping through the gallery only works on Android not on Windows. The error box appears on the Android phone.

A couple paragraphs into it, it tells me to “click here” to install the certificate. When I do that, it downloads the certificate and prompts me to “Tap to open”. Then I click “add” to add the company account.

Windows Phone App Studio: Microsoft’s DIY App Builder for Non-Programmers

We will select Local Images from my Machine. You can also get images from OneDrive and App Studio Resources. Once you complete these steps, you move to the Summary screen to get a final look at your work. You will see a “preview” of your choices as you move through the steps.

So when I click on Home for example, the word home gets selected but no button is pressed. No message boxes pop up on windows when I click any of the buttons. You can now create apps with multiple sections, pulling in information from Bing searches, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, RSS feeds, Nokia Music and HERE Maps. You’ll still start out by picking a template and customizing or replacing up to six top-level sections. The Windows Phone App Studio is a unique tool which helps enthusiasts without a programming background, realize their app ideas and get a chance to enter the mobile app ecosystem .

  • I’m going to see how complex this system is when I get home.
  • Also, the scrolling file has the same issues as in the sample app Scrolling File (#24, features folder).
  • Choose “Finish” on the App Studio site, then “Generate.” Along with the installable download package and the Publish package, this also generates a source code package.
  • Once you complete these steps, you move to the Summary screen to get a final look at your work.
  • The rest of the buttons are not clickable.

In the themes option, you can see a list of available themes which you can select the Background, Foreground and Application bar colors based on your requirement as shown below. Not sure if this will help homebrew much, because these sideloaded apps are still limited to the APIs provided by Microsoft. The true homebrew community that has apps that give features such as live tile folders still requires the boot loader to be flashed, and only works on some devices.

Print a Form

I’d like to have these items as a list, stacked on top of each other. To do this, click on the edit button of the menu tile and choose the Photo Left layout, which shows a thumbnail picture of the item and the name. You can find the images I used here. You can sign up for the Windows Phone App Studio beta by sending an email to to request Use Functional Programming In Python an invitation code . App Studio comes with a functional Windows Phone emulator so you don’t need a Windows Phone device to start making your app. For those of you looking to jump in the app game, Windows Phone 8 is one place where you will still find opportunities to build an app that doesn’t have 5 other apps competing against it.

In June 2017, Microsoft announced that they would be shutting down the service on 1 December in the same year. However, Windows Template Studio is available as the successor to the Windows App Studio in the form of a Visual Studio extension to create apps. The source code of the succeeding project is provided at GitHub. In this screencast I explore how to create HTML5 pages and how to use data sources to store information in an application.

The site says that it is “optimized for IE 10”, and I had lots of trouble using IE 11 on 8.1. Sometimes it simply will get stuck and you have to start all over. Also, you correctly say two at first, and then the last paragraph says three apps. You won’t be able to load xaps from windowsphone.com as they are encrypted there unlikewise xaps produced by Visual Studio. Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst.

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We create a template application with Application Studio and then modify the Visual Studio project that was produced to add extra phone functionality. Same issue on Android as in the sample app Chart above. On windows, the button is positioned higher in this app so I am able to reach it without scrolling. The chart is drawn but not as smoothly as it is drawn on the Android phone or PC.

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